In Moodle 3.2, the “Boost” theme was introduced with a new way of navigating Moodle. The navigation is simpler to use and follow for most, but for Site Administrators, it proves to be a constant bugbear for many.

The biggest problem for Site Administrators is that the new menu navigation actually slows you down from getting stuff done and introduces more clicks than you are used to. And for the power users, the search functionality is crucial – which is now hidden behind another page!

Thankfully, the Site Administration block does still exist – it’s just hidden by default. So – let’s bring it back, shall we?

Image of the main Moodle homepage

The main Moodle homepage

From the main Moodle homepage as a site administrator, click on the cog in the top right corner of the screen under the user menu and Turn Editing On.

Image showing Turn Editing On

Then, on the left-hand side menu, you should see “Add a Block“. Click that and a popup window will appear on the page. From there, select “Administration“.

Add A Block Image

You will then see the Administration Block on the right-hand side again! Rejoice ?!

Site Admin image

Turn Editing Off using the same method you did to turn it on, then click on the Hamburger icon ()  in the top left, to hide the other menu.

This only affects your user account, so other users will not see this change.

If you have a bugbear that needs to be resolved, let us know!

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