Today, Moodle 3.7 has been released with a bunch of new features and new Forum UI elements!

Lets take a look at what’s new! 👀


Enhancements in forums

One of the huge changes to forums is that you can now do quick inline replies to forum posts and create new discussions directly from the discussion list page. This should make using forums a lot easier and more engaging for users.

A much requested new feature, Private replies, allows educators to give early private feedback in discussions.

You can also sort discussions by date and number of replies, and star those most relevant to you so that you can always find them easily.

More accessibility improvements have been made and much more!


Classic theme!

Moodle 3.7 introduces a new Classic theme which provides a classic navigation structure and uses a 3-column layout where blocks can be positioned left and right of the main content. This is similar to the old default theme ‘Clean’, before Boost arrived in Moodle 3.2.

You can choose your background image and brand colours for your buttons, links and navigation bar to make your Moodle site look the way you want it to.
If you are using custom presets, don’t worry: Classic is still compatible with Boost preset files.


Further support for Open Badges v2

Badges are incredibly useful for giving students a positive award for their performance.

Moodle 3.7 now allows you to connect your Moodle site with the backpack so that your learners can take their digital credentials with them along their entire learning journey.


More powerful Messaging

An improved interface and column layout for messaging gives users a clearer overview of all their conversations.
Users now have more control over messaging, including the possibility to mute conversations to stop email and mobile notifications, capability for teachers to delete messages for everyone and a personal space for each user to send themselves reminders or links.


Learning Analytics made easier

From Moodle 3.7, you can now create new learning analytics models based on new and existing targets, indicators, and time-splitting methods with no coding required, easily importing and exporting your model definition and model weights.
Moreover, the Learning Analytics API can now provide automatic notifications for students about upcoming activities that are due.


Customise course information

Extra information about courses can now be displayed through the use of new custom fields that allow you to improve the searchability of your courses.


LTI standard

Moodle 3.7 has been certified with the IMS certification for the latest version of the LTI standard, that includes an upgraded security model with stronger protection of sensitive student data


And lots of bug fixes and other improvements…!

Moodle HQ has released a fancy YouTube Video outlining some of these features and is worth checking out!

For this release, Moodle has had over 1300 direct contributions from over 120 developers from 20 different countries. We’re proud to be included in this, with two contributions from ourselves!

Moodle 3.7 is available to download and install now and you can view the full list of release notes here.


Upgrade now!

With every new release of Moodle, we highly recommend upgrading to ensure you have not only the latest features, but the latest security fixes too.

Need help upgrading? Get in touch with us now, we’ll be happy to help! 👍

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