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Welcome to PriorsVLE, providing technical and consultancy services to help you with your VLE. We have experience and expertise working with Moodle. We’ve worked extensively with Linux and Microsoft Windows server systems. The database systems we can support are MySQL (and MariaDB), SQL Server and PostgreSQL. If you have a technical requirement you wish to discuss, please get in touch!

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Technical Support

If you host your own VLE we can provide support to your administrators. We can provide a fixed annual contract with hours you can call off.


Dedicated Hosting and a 30-Day Free Trial.
Whether you’re looking to migrate an existing Moodle site or set up an entirely new one, our expert team are on hand to make it as simple as possible.

Custom Development

Whether it’s a plugin to use additional authentication services, integration with other systems, creating your own educational activity or some other bespoke requirement, our development team will work with you to implement the functionality you require.solution started today!

Technical Healthcheck

We can perform a technical review of your VLE and provide a report containing reference documentation and issues that should be addressed, including security recommendations.

Bespoke Work

If you host your own VLE and require specific one-off work done, such as upgrades or migrations, we can assist.

Latest Posts

Managing your Moodle site’s logging

Moodle’s site log report (Site administration → Reports → Logs) contains a comprehensive list of the activity on your site. Recorded actions include learners’ use of activities, site administration changes, and background tasks such as those performed by scheduled tasks. By default these entries accumulate over time requiring increasing amounts of storage. This blog post covers the settings governing Moodle’s site logs and includes recommendations for maintaining your site.

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Moodle 3.7 is now available!

Today, Moodle 3.7 has been released with a bunch of new features and new Forum UI elements! Lets take a look at what's new! 👀   Enhancements in forums One of the huge changes to forums is that you can now do quick inline replies to forum posts and create new...

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Upgrading Moodle 1.9

Introduction If you're still using Moodle 1.9 you probably know that it looks a bit dated and doesn't work well with phones but do you really need to think about upgrading? This blog post covers the key reasons why upgrading to a supported Moodle version is essential...

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Moodle Install Packages Error: Missing Intl Extension

If you're new to Moodle then you can try it out on your own computer using the Install Packages for Windows. This way you can quickly set up a site and try out the various features. Alternatively you can use this as a test site making changes on this before altering...

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